Best way to install Python on Windows

Python is a well-organized, widely used, and easy-to-learn high-level programing language. Since it is a general-purpose programming language, it is used in many projects. Using python programming language we can develop a Desktop GUI application, a Mobile application, and an awesome web application.

But, running and developing a python project on a window computer, requires windows installation. Because, unlike Linux distros, windows does not come with python pre-installed. For this reason, we need to install it using the python installer.

Before working with python language and running python code you must have to install python in your system. So, let’s begin to install Python on Windows.

Select your python version

There is two most popular python version Python 2 and Python 3. It is a bit confusing for newcomers because the python organization makes a little split with the python version. In this case, at first, we are going to install python on windows 10  python 2, and then python 3.

Steps to Install Python on Windows

The installation of python on windows. We break it into some different steps, like downloading, installing, and then configuring our system for accessing both Python versions.

Download Python

First, we have to download python from Python Official Site. When you visit the python download page you can see both python Downloading links. From there download your favorite Python version of what you want to install.

If you Want to learn python we recommend you install both python versions python 2 and python 3.

Install Python 2

Installing Python 2 is so boring, and unlike in years past, you have to set up path variables and complete some steps. After downloading the Python 2 installer, double-click on the python 2 installers to run it.

After running the installer this window will appear. From there check the Install for all users option and then click the Next button.

When you click the Next button you will see the Directory selection window. From the directory selection window leave your directory name as “Python27” and then click the Next button.

Now the Customization window will appear, from the customization window “scroll down” and then select “Will be installed on the local hard drive.” after doing this click the Next button.

After doing this step you do not have to do any difficult tasks just follow the Setup Wizard and then your Installation process is Compleated.

Install Python 3 on Windows

If you want to learn more about python we recommend Python 3 because it is the latest version of python. In this part, we are going to install Python 3 on our system. You can easily install Python 3 on your system whenever Python 2 is already installed.

Download Python 3 installer for windows

For installing Python 3 on widows we have to download the python 3 installers from Python Official Site. Follow the exact steps that you have followed to install the python 2 installers. But, in this case, choose the python 3 installer file.

Run the python 3 installer

After downloading the Python installer run this. When you run python you will see the screen. From this screen check the option Install launcher for all users, Add python 3 to PATH, and then click on install now.

Recommended Install Now the option has included IDLE, pip and documentation.

When you click on Install Now your installation will be completed. Now you will see the window. Now click on Disable path length limit. it will bypass the 260 characters “MAX_PATH” limitation.

Verify Python Installation

Now we have successfully installed python on the windows system. to verify python installation open the command prompt and type python then hit enter, this will navigate to your python shell.

If the python installation was successful you will see the Python version number on your command prompt.

An alternative way to get python is to search for “Python” in the start menu and click on IDLE. From there you can start coding in Python using the Integrated Development Environment(IDLE).


In this Installation guide, we detailed installing python on windows. Chose carefully what version you want to install your system. However, you can install multiple python versions at once on your windows computer.

If you want to install multiple versions of python on your computer, make sure that you have named the installation directory self-explanatory. For example, if you download python 2 on your computer, named the installation directory python-2 or python2.

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